Bastide Niel BNB

The Bastide Niel operation, with its 35 ha of housing, offices and facilities on the right bank of the Garonne, is one of the most ambitious urban interventions in the contemporary history of the Bordeaux conurbation.
But how to find in an ensemble of such a scale the qualities of a traditional European city, dense, green, biodiverse and intimate, while ensuring minimal environmental impact and zero-energy? 
The new district will be the result of a sequence of interventions on the maximum building envelope, dictated both by town planning regulations and by seeking light and sunshine for all. An innovative district, but intimate and pleasant to live in. 
Client: CUB – Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux
Assignment: Masterplan & public spaces
Program: Housing, commercial spaces, tertiary and infrastructure 
Size: 35ha, 875.000m2 program
Status:  Supervision, architectural projects under construction
Team:  MVRDV and JA (Marc Joubert)


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