Marc Joubert
JA Joubert Architecture is an agency based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and founded in 2008 by Marc Joubert.
Marc Joubert was born in 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, and graduated as an architect at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands, in 1996.
His career has started in his native country where he made a private project, while working for the Colombo Clarke agency in Cape Town.
Returning to the Netherlands in 1997 he was part of the CEPEZED agency in Delft, where he had the opportunity to participate in the design and the execution of several major projects in Europe, such as the Porsche Center in Stuttgart.
In 2000 Marc joined the MVRDV agency as a senior studio manager where he led many urban planning and architecture projects and competitions of international prestige: The new Market Hall in Rotterdam, Les Halles in Paris, operations of coastal redevelopment in Istanbul, Pittsburgh and Oslo to name but a few.
In 2007 Marc left definitively MVRDV to create its own agency JA Joubert Architecture.
Besides agency work he taught at the Berlage Institute (Rotterdam) as well as the Technical University of Delft and Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and as a professor at the Novi-Sad University of Architecture in Serbia. He has also participated in various international competition juries.
JA has been extensively published and published several books, such as ‘REAP – Rotterdam Energy Approach and Planning’ a guide for sustainable urban planning.
JA has been collaborating with MVRDV on the redevelopment of the 32ha Bastide-Niel area sector Bordeaux. In 2011, JA and MVRDV won the first prize in the competition the Quai de Queyries redevelopment. JA recently completed the architectural project.
Since its creation, JA has worked to different types of scales, ranging from interior architecture to master planing, and intervenes in various countries: Albania, France, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands etc.
The agency has also conducted several studies and research in the field of sustainable urban planning.
The work of the agency is characterised by a multifaceted approach to ecological, social, financial and ecological aspects, to arrive at a singular and unique solution. 
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