Tirana municipality building


This competition entry researches the possibilities and responsibilities of a new City hall for the city of Tirana. What kind of City hall is appropriate for this expanding city along a newly extended central boulevard?
We propose a public, flexible, multifunctional, economic, sustainable and recognisable project that responds to the demands of today and the future on this plot which allows about 50.000m2 of program
Tirana is internationally recognised for its integration of art and culture into the city. By developing this recognisability of the city on the scale of its most important civic building, the project should become a focal point for its citizens.
By using the whole plot and stepping back with terraces we create office spaces with interconnected outdoor meeting and working areas, while providing more daylight on street level and for our future neighbours. Three squares, towards a new city plaza, along the boulevard and towards the new neighbourhood, create 3 entrances to the building and provide daylight inside to the atrium which connects all public functions. The three squares provide public functions and meeting spaces, while the 3 T’s connect the public boulevard with the accessible roof, allowing for views over the city and towards the surrounding mountains. Each of the T’s has a specific function, such as a wedding hall, a civic meeting hall/museum and the mayor’s offices.
The building interior has a flexible layout with 4 cores for access and stability, allowing for easy subdivision now and in the future. Functions such as a restaurant, library or cafe surround the lower floors and offices or other cultural functions are easily integrated. The building can respond flexibly to the changes in demand for offices, working remotely or for additional meeting areas.
The terraces have plants and shrubs, which create natural shading and pleasant outdoor areas, that use a rainwater retention system for sustainable irrigation, while the roofs of the T’s are covered with solar panels.
JA Joubert Architecture + team was selected with 9 other international offices to enter a proposal in 2020 and is awaiting the results.


Architecture: JA Joubert Architecture, Studio Ban
Art & Design: Marc Ruygrok
Lighting Design: BeersNielsen
Structural design: Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft

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