Qdq, Bordeaux

On Bordeaux’s Rive droite along the Garonne River JA designed a new neighbourhood as part of the larger redevelopment area Bastide-Neil, designed by MVRDV with JA. The project is located facing a new park along the river, designed by Michel Desvigne, and offers views towards the UNESCO heritage old city of Bordeaux. 
Consisting of 3 buildings, 1 large and 2 small based on the footprint of existing buildings and roads, keeping the structure and connections to the existing area. This new neighbourhood aims to connect completely with the surrounding, existing residential area. 
Thee resulting volumes are cut at the optimum angle to allow maximum daylight for all apartments. This creates a unique and varied lightscape with a wide selection of apartment types. These range from student housing, social apartments, penthouses, duplexes and triplexes. 
The buildings are completely covered in one single material to emphasise the volumes and create a high quality roof landscape, which is visible from across Bordeaux. The larger volume has a travertine concrete facades tracing the previous building and is covered in mother of pearl-white ceramics above. While the two smaller volumes are covered in natural sandstone, the same stone the stone city of Bordeaux is famous for. 
Client:  Kaufman & Broad, Aquitaine
Assignment: Architecture & supervision
Program: 279 apartments, parking and landscape
Size: 15.900 m2 netto, 60 parking
Status: Finalised 2022
Team: JA Joubert Architecture
Marc Joubert with Marianne Miguel, Javier Lopez, Jeroen de Loor, Clémentine Bahon and MOG architectes & SLS architectes, Bordeaux
Landscape: Sabine Haristoy, Bordeaux
Engineering: Math inginerie & Ingerop, Bordeaux
Regulations: Veritas 
Photography: Ivan Mathie 

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