Zone E

Master Plan in Tirana, Albania

This area of approx. 24 ha former industrial area at the entrance to the city centre has the potential to become a gateway to the city as well as a new centre in its own right.
What kind of area should this become at this crucial moment and location for Tirana and Albania?
The area, located on the main highway junction of the country, from the coastal city of Dürres via the new international airport to the centre of the city, crossing the new ring road, could become a lively new centre with functions such as a conference centre, museum, theatre, shopping mall, hotels and international business facilities. The wish for a 24-hour program becomes a determining factor to create a lively environment which is achieved by mixing the various programs on the site.

Location: Albania, Tirana
Client: Confidential
Assignment: Master Plan
Program: Offices + Housing + Commercial + Cultural + Entertainment + Services
Size: 800.000 sqm
Status: Under development
Team: JA [Marc Joubert with Roos Marijn Limburg, Chantal Vos, Lieke Genten, Jeroen de Loor, Alessandro Guida and Magdalena Szczypka] and DSA [Duzan Doepel and Eline Strijkers]

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