International businesscenter Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with a strong local and international culture. A strong sense of identity and pride has resulted from this. A recognisable urban plan of Yerevan, the unique flora in the area and of course Mount Ararat enhance this sense of uniqueness. It is inevitable that built structures become carriers of this culture, which is expressed in a collection of iconic buildings in the city. How can we add to this internationally recognized collection? Maybe we should enhance the existing icons by offering the best public viewing platform? A modest gesture which can lead to recognition and in the end a new type of recognizability? The development of a new hotel, business centre, apartments on an edge above the city offers natural views along its boulevards, over the city and towards mount Ararat. Covering the site with the required program, about 100.00m2, we provide a perfect viewing platform. By pulling up the areas requiring views, hotel, offices and housing, we create a unique opportunity for atria, providing entrance, circulation but also energy storage and natural ventilation. The deck is used for water catchment and treatment, providing a sustainable landscape with a view over the city.
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Client: Avangard
Assignment: Master Plan 
Program: Hotel + Offices + Housing + Shopping 
Size: 86.000 sqm + 20.800 sqm parking garage 
Status: Competition 
Team: JA Marc Joubert with Roos Marijn Limburg, Jeroen de Loor, Alessandro Guida and Elena Carcelén
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