Re-Public Square



Square and Fish market in Novi Sad, Serbia
Two squares on the edge between the city and residential areas, at the moment have the quality of a poor left over space. The plan proposes the opening up of the requested shopping and market program to activate the surrounding buildings and create an active and frequented public space.
By positioning three pavilions on the edge of the square the public space is defined, while allowing for connection to other areas in the city, the Danube river and the pedestrian area through further development. The pavilions and the square are defined in such a way that they create the highest possible diversity in experiences and usages, ranging from the market to concerts, performances or sports. By finishing the pavilions and the square in the same material a coherent and unified space is created, adding a new square to the collection of public spaces in the city.

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Client: Municipality Novi Sad
Assignment: Square and Fish market
Program: Market square + Info centre + Shops + Cafes + Restaurant + Parking
Size: 5.000 sqm square + 3.500 sqm building + 4.500 sqm parking
Status: Invited competition, 2nd prize
Team: JA [Marc Joubert with Alessandro Guida, Magdalena Szczypka, Roos Limburg and Jeroen de Loor] & Petar Zaklanovic and Bart Pauw

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