Jardin de Queyries

Master Plan for an ecological neighbourhood in Bordeaux, France
The traces of the the historical structures on the site create a scale and diversity of building sizes fitting in the neighbourhood. Regulations for maximum daylight and sunlight, which shape the volumes, are applied to allow the best comfort and lowest energy usage while leading to a new icon along the river. Building on a flood plain the free passage of water necessitates lifting up the volume, providing at the same time a public viewing point towards the river. A water treatment system is applied in the central garden and solarpanel facades produce energy.
Location: Bordeaux, France
Client: BMA – Bordeaux Metropole Amenagement
Assignment: Master Plan for neighbourhood on right bank of Garonne river
Program: 500 apartments, 500 parking places + exterior spaces
Size: 2,3 ha with 50.000 sqm gross housing, 10.000 sqm parking
Status: Competition, 1st prize. Under development 
Team: MVRDV with JA Marc Joubert with Marianne Miguel, Jeroen de Loor, Clementine Bahon and Javier López Ruiz
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