Parklife houses are located on the contours of steep terrain, which means that horizontal paths can be found between terraced houses.
This is further emphasized by the sawa-like gardens between the buildings, each with its own type of planting. 
All parking will be solved underground and accessible by 1 ring road, so the houses will be located in a park. 
Buildings are constructed of a variety of materials, from brick, ceramic to concrete. Together they form a cream to earth gradient against the hill. 
Phase 1 has been completed in 2022
Client: Confidential
Assignment: Master Plan, Architecture, Landscape
Program: Residential
Size: 75.000 sqm 
Status: Phase 1 delivered 2022, Phase 2 under construction 
Team: JA Marc Joubert with Marianne Miguel, Jeroen de Loor, Martijn van den Ban, Marian Dusinsky and Alessandro Guida
Photography: JA & Leonit Brahimi
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