Korça mozaique

Master Plan Korça, Albania
How can the assets of Korça, a compact city with a great landscape, be used to increase the recognizability and attraction of the city? The city suffers from low investment and high emigration, taking away skills and the means to improve them. But maybe this seeming ‘problem’ can actually become an advantage? Can Korça avoid the pitfalls of too rapid and unstructured development, which can be seen in other parts of the region? And use the time this gives to reflect on the future it wants? Even develop into a hub for services and tourism in the region? The Geneva or Vancouver of southeastern Europe?
Korça has decided to act with ambition to develop an attractive and sustainable future for the city. But which aspects should be given priority and which ultimate goal should be aimed for?
The surrounding landscape is a great scenic backdrop for the city, which is an asset for (eco-) tourism as well as for leisure opportunities for its citizens. The position of the city as well as its surprisingly compact development give it the opportunity for a lively centre, due to its accessibility and proximity of functions, which is very closely connected to its surroundings. A more pedestrian and less car-oriented centre will add to this attraction.
Location: Korça, Albania
Client: Korça Municipality
Assignment: Master Plan
Program: Urban design city centre
Size: 197.000 sqm
Status: Invited competition, 2nd prize
Team: JA [Marc Joubert with Roos Marijn Limburg, Jeroen de Loor, Matilda Bahneva, Jorge Amaya and Clement Talbot] & Arup Amsterdam [Laurens Tait, Michael Davis and Siegred Siderius] & Nico Tillie Landscape Design
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