Kagithane KUBE

Mixed-use building Kagithane, Istanbul, Turkey
Located on a corner site in a new business area we propose a building as a cube which fulfills the program exactly. The facade is made of transparent solar panels and we add public gardens on the roofs. By lifting this cube above a public podium of shops, gardens and entrances it becomes an icon for the new neighbourhood.
Location: Kagithane, Istanbul, Turkey
Client: Bikuryapi, Istanbul
Assignment: Mixed-use building
Program: Offices + Commercial + Services
Size: 9.300 sqm above grade + 7.000 sqm below grade
Status: Design phase – not realised
Team: JUKA (JA + ÜnlüKeten) [Marc Joubert, Ferhat Keten, Emrah Ünlü, Marianne Miguel, Alessandro Guida]
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