The Hague is the seat of many international organizations and stands out as a high security site. 
On this site adjacent to the central station in the center of The Hague a new city entrance is projected. This site has been the subject of many aborted plans because unable to combine public space and private program.
Located on a public square, this project hosts a public program in a single building (shops, museum, restaurant, theatre) and private (housing, offices, hotel) providing attendance at any time. 
The project will be designed in such a way as to be able to withstand all kinds of calamities (floods, extreme force winds, terrorism, fire or earthquake) while maintaining its open and friendly appearance. 
Client: Elasstic Consortium
Assignment: Architecture
Program: Museum, theater, commerces, hotel, housing, offices, parking
Size: 65.000m2, 8000m2 parking
Status: Tender
Team: JA + NxNW with Arcadis, TNO, Siemens, EMI, SP, Incode Marc Joubert, Richard Thomas, Marianne Miguel etc 


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